UroCare designed the SafePassage3 to be a dual electromechanical system. The product provides haptic feedback through the electronic components such as LED’s at each indicated force, a reset function, and a buzzer noise for increasing force. The fail safe incorporated into the device is the mechanical locking mechanism that prevents the surgeon from pushing too hard on the UAS. Our product is able to detect up to 8 newtons of force, the maximal force that causes lesions, and then activates the fail safe mode. The product will be successful to prevent surgeons from pushing to hard on the UAS causing lesions and future health problems for patients.

Universal luer lock for Ureteral Access Sheath

Compatible with any ureteral access sheath across different companies.

Hypersensitive barometric force sensor

High tech MEMS technology providing best accuracy.

Fail-safe mechanisms with reset

Mechanical components intended to stop the surgeon from pushing any further on the access sheath to prevent damage.

4 hour battery life

Sufficient time for use in a surgery room and allows for a low cost disposable device.

Ambidextrous outer casing

Ergonomic design suitable for left or right handed users.

Light and sound indicators

Electronic components for user haptic feedback.

Multi-view of the SafePassage3

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